Who Needs Live Scan service?
 All institutions and professions with applications for employment, licensing or certification:

These include, but are not limited too, the following:



•Massage Therapist   
•Humane Euthanasia
•Private Detective
•Private Security Contractor   
•Registered Nurse
•Licensed Practical Nurse    
•Private Alarm Contractor
•PERC Card
•Driver Training Instructor    
•Gaming Board
•Private Childcare
•Vehicle Dealer Services    
•Mortgage Loan Officers
•Notary public
•Insurance Agents
•Real Estate Brokers    
•School Bus Drivers    
•UCIA Submissions
•School District Employees    

and more...





Live Scan and more started in 2003 as a Notary Public Service in Beverly Hills and soon Expanded to Include Loan Signing service, Apostille, Legalization, Translation and finally in 2011 started providing Live Scan Fingerprinting service at our new location in Beverly Hills at 8685 Wilshire Blvd. #13 Beverly Hills CA 90211.  Our technicians are trained and certified by the Department of Justice. You can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality work and best possible results when dealing with Live Scan and More. Our staff are Highly trained, courteous, flexible and willing to go the extra mile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the fee?

Live Scan fee is the service providers "Rolling Fee" plus any government processing fees That applies to your "Request for Live Scan Service" form.

 Rolling Fee                                                         $25.00
 Resubmission fee                                               No Charge

Government fees:
 DOJ (California department of justice)               $32.00
 FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)                $17.00
 FBI (For Non-Profit Volunteers)                         $15.00
 FBI Channeling                                                  $90.00
 CHI (Child Abuse Index)                                    $15.00
 DSS (department of Social Services)                 $10.00
 Firearms                                                             $38.00
 Personal Criminal Record review                       $25.00
 Visa / Immigration                                              $32.00

 See the entire DOJ government processing
fees schedule.

 Billing Number - If your referring or requesting agency has provided you with a billing number Government fees will not be collected.
 At the top of your Request for Live Scan Service form issued to you by your referring agency is an ORI Code. The ORI Code determines the Level of Service (Sacramento Fees) you will require for your background check.

What is FBI Channeling?
 If you are a US Citizen or Naturalized US Person and need an FBI Background check for Personal Review, work/student visa, foreign residency/travel or adoption. you can have your Fingerprints take and submitted to Channelers appointed by the FBI for fast processing. Usually the result may be available within 2-4 hours. Live Scan and More is affiliated with the My FBI Report and is a trusted Fingerprint partner. We can take your prints electronically and submit it within seconds to the FBI and you will receive your results within hours. No more waiting for 6 to 12 weeks to have your background checks processed by the FBI. For more information please contact one of our experienced technicians at 310-499-5905

What do I need to bring ?
 To prepare for you Live Scan fingerprinting appointment you will need the following:

•    3 copies of the Request for Live Scan Service Form
•    Social Security number (If you have  one)
•    Department of Justice approved ID Card (see approved ID card list below)
 To be processed for California, you must be in California. Live Scan services are NOT available for individuals needing Live Scan fingerprinting for other states, nor can individuals be fingerprinted via Live Scan for California if they are outside the state.
 California Dept. of Justice has strict rules for Live Scan facilities. We are NOT allowed to assist applicants in filling out the Request for Live Scan Service form. If your information is incomplete we MUST refer you back to your employment or licensing agencies.

 List of Valid ID approved by the DOJ and FBI

•    California Driver’s License
•    California DMV ID card
•    Passport
•    Out of state  Driver License
•    Green Card or Alien Registration Card
•    Military ID Card
•    Mexican Consulate ID Card (Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad)

Where do I go ?
Walk-ins are welcomed. For our mobile fingerprinting or other services or to request more information call or email us:

Please not that we do not receive your reports and have no access to it. You can contact your requesting agency or check the status of your background check online at https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov/. Enter your ATI# provided to you during the Live Scan process and your date of Birth.

 Live Scan and More
 8685 Wilshire Blvd. #13
 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

 Main Numbers: (310)-499-5905 or (310) 652-0617 
 Fax: 310-499-5906