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Canadian RCMP Background Check



RCMP Background Check Canadian Criminal Background Check in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and all of California.

If  you reside outside Canada and you need a Canadian RCMP Record check Live Scan and More can take your prints and submit the prints to the Canadian RCMP through an Authorized Agent of Commissionaires to provide RCMP accredited certified Canadian criminal record checks.

We will take your fingerprints on RCMP form C-216C which will then be digitized by an Authorized Agent of Commissionaires and uploaded via a secure server, directly to the RCMP for processing. These checks can then be Authenticated and legalized for use in most foreign countries for an additional fee.

Common Applications:
International Visa Requirements
Employment Screening
Citizenship and Permanent Residency Applications
Adoption Applications
Certificate of Good Conduct.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
Volunteer Screening

Requirements are:
1- Original and Photocopies of both sides of TWO pieces of valid identification. At lease ONE piece of identification must bear a photograph, name and date of birth and be of federal or provincial issue. (examples of identification that can be used: Passport, Citizenship Card or Document, Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Permanent Resident Card, Government ID).
2- In person appearance to take your fingerprints on RCMP form C-216C.
3- Third Part Waiver form will be provided for Signature.
4- Payment.

$395 Payable to “Live Scan and More” (Includes Fingerprinting, shipping and Submission to Canadian RCMP including all RCMP fees and third party processing fees)

Processing Time:

From the time we take your prints to the time you receive the report can take up to 3-4 weeks for applicants with no criminal record and 4-5 Month for applicants with criminal records. If additional Authentication will be required it can take longer depending what country it will be used in.

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