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Florida State fingerprinting




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​Florida state fingerprinting for

FDLE - Florida criminal records in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County and all of California.

Out of State Electronic fingerprint submission to Florida.

If you reside outside the State of Florida and you are applying for a Florida Medical or Professional License, You do not have to fly to Florida. Live Scan and More will help you complete the process quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Florida requires all fingerprint background screenings to be submitted electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), including out of state and out of the country applicants. 

Live Scan and more is one of the few out of state agencies approve by FDLE and has the legal authority to send the print to Florida State electronically. There is no need for fingerprint card and 3rd party fingerprint conversion services if you appear in person for fingerprinting. We submit electronically to Florida State.

Requirements for Walk In:

1- Must have an ORI Number and Reason for Fingerprinting.
2- In person appearance to take your fingerprints electronically.
3- Fill out the
Client Registration form that will be provide to you.
4- Provide valid ID, Passport or D/L
5- For AHCA (Health Care) Photo ID Code is Required. Picture will be take during fingerprinting.

For customers that can not appear in person or live out of state we provide 'Hard Card Scanning' service. You can mail your Fingerprints taken on FD-258 cards with the rest of the documents and will convert the prints to electronic file and submit to FDLE for Processing. No need to come in person for this service.

Requirements for mail in:

1- Fill out Client Registration form.

2- Provide a copy of valid ID, Passport or D/L

3- 2 completed FD-258 cards. Must be clear with no smudging.

​4- For AHCA (Health Care) Screening ID # & a Picture is Required. A digital copy can be emailed to us.

5- Payment. Can be done online.

Mail everything to the address on the order form.

Cost: $90 for Business & Professional License and $110 for Health Care. Payment can be done online (Includes all FDLE government fees)

What you will get:
You will get a TCN number confirms the fingerprints were submitted and is the best tracking reference. 
After 3-5 business days, contact the license board if you do not see an update on file.  There is no need to contact us after the fingerprints are submitted as the Florida Department of law Enforcement will not discuss the application status with anyone.


The Social Security number (SSN) field is a mandatory field within the Livescan fingerprint background registration process. Applicants who do not have a Social Security number (SSN) will need to apply for a SSN by contacting the Social Security Administration at      Applicants, who are not eligible to obtain a SSN, must provide an official 9-digit number whether it is an ITIN, alien registration number or other official government issued identification (does not have to be the U.S. Government). To obtain an ITIN you will need to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).     

 The Florida Department of Health retains background results on any applicant who is required to undergo a criminal history screening in the Care Provider Clearinghouse. This Clearinghouse allows for the sharing of criminal history information among specified agencies. One of the requirements for the Clearinghouse is a photograph taken at time of fingerprinting, therefore, if your fingerprints are submitted without a photograph, you may have to undergo additional fingerprinting in the future when applying at a different agency.  Those who have to use the hard card conversion method cannot have a photo taken at the time of the Livescan conversion, and may be required to repeat the Livescan process with a prospective employer or other agency.